‘Inspiring confidence with fresh skills in seeing and interpreting the face and figure.’

Have you always wanted to paint people but feel intimidated? Have your previous figurative paintings felt disappointing? Lori will demonstrate the techniques and instill the confidence to enjoy painting people. She believes all the miles already logged on your brush are easily transferable to this subject.

The goal of Lori’s course is not rushing to complete a finished portrait but to experiment with specific tools and practices which can be taken home by her students and added to their repertoire of skills.

In her workshops participants will be asked to bring their own personal photo reference and a completed contour drawing from which to work. Lori encourages each student to consult with her before the workshop begins to create their best photo reference and drawing. This allows for the maximum amount of painting time in the classroom.

Lori teaches four or five day workshops. Each day begins with the question: How and what should we be thinking as we approach our work? Her objective is to cultivate an increased awareness of the many approaches that help her students become better painters. Artists will finish her class with more confidence and the ability to improve their painting skills for all subjects.

Each day will start with a visual presentation in which Lori will share specific painting strategies for powerful compositions, rendering features and expression, light and shadow, and interpretating from a photo. Lori will share why developing the skill of seeing better is the most important tool in our art practice. She will introduce students to artist’s work she admires and show how regularly looking outside our studios for inspiration can greatly broaden our knowledge and viewpoint.

Lori will paint daily for the class on a completed drawing of her own while sharing her insights. During each day’s demo she will also touch on the ideas of listening to your own intuition, the many benefits of slowing down during the painting process, having a good drawing, and how to interpret rather than ‘copy’ from our photo references.

Significant time will be allowed for one-on-one instruction. Lori’s class atmosphere is nurturing and provides thoughtful lessons that apply regardless of skill level. Lori believes our art practice has transformative powers and wants to encourage her student’s own art journeys.

Email: [email protected] ~ Instagram: @lorihessartist
Please contact Lori with questions about her workshops at 330-998-3524